The Anti-bullfighting group PROU is taking action again!

The anti-bullfighting group, PROU, has come together again in an extraordinary meeting in order to begin action against Parliament’s intentions to regulate bullfights without the death of the bull, a sort of bullfighting called tientas.

–In this meeting it was agreed that we would meet with different political groups in order to make them aware of the deceit used by the bull-fighting bull breeder’s lobby in this process


PROU met last Saturday the 21st of June in an extraordinary meeting that had been urgently called at Ecocentre in Barcelona. Representatives from more than 40 Catalan animal protection organisations were present.

The aim of this meeting was to plan PROU Platform’s course of action against The Parliament of Catalonia’s Commission of Agriculture’s approval of a proposal that the government had requested for the regulation of bullfights without killing the animal, bullfights otherwise known as “tientas.” It had been presented by the PP (The People’s Party), PSC (The Socialist Party of Catalonia) and Ciudadanos (The Citizen’s Party) and was backed on the 4th of June by CiU (Convergence and Union Party), ERC (the Republican Left party), PSC, the PP and Ciudadanos parties. The ICV (Catalonian Green Party Intiative) abstained from voting and CUP (Candidacy for the People’s Unity), was not present.

These types of bullfights began to be illegally held in Terres de l’Ebre as shows for tourists after Law 28/2010 came into force on the 3rd of August of the same year. This law abolished bullfighting in Catalonia along with “any other type of bull shows taking place in or out of a bullring.” For this reason, the “tientas” were cancelled by judicial order last September 12th as a cautionary measure for infringing the animal protection law. At present, court proceedings are ongoing.

PROU’s Steps

PROU began to take action four years after the last general assembly in which the group was able to achieve the necessary consensus for the processing of the People’s Legislative Initiative (ILP) under which bullfighting was abolished in Catalonia.

La Plataforma, que es va dissoldre després d’aconseguir el seu objectiu el 28 de juliol de 2010, ha mantingut un comitè de vigilància per tal de controlar la correcta aplicació de la norma, i a la vegada evitar que guanyin els intents de recuperar les “corrides” al territori català.

The Platform became dissolved after achieving their objectives on July 29, 2010 and since then, has maintained a vigilance committee whose objective is to monitor the correct application of the law as well as make sure that any attempt to return bullfighting to Catalonia be repelled.

As a result of this meeting last Saturday, the anti-bullfighting group is now preparing its detailed final arguments explaining why the measure requested by Parliament should not be approved. In addition to this, we will explain the various legal reasons why this type of legislation should be prevented from being applied to these types of bullfights, and even after such reckless parliament approval.

The members of the assembly also agreed to meet with political groups in order to make them aware of the deceit the bull-breeder’s lobby has employed during this process. “Tientas” is an activity that is carried out in order to evaluate the bravery of the bulls which in reality are bullfights carried out by professional bullfighters for an audience that paid to be present at this type of show. In addition, these types of activities use the same elements that are used in standard bullfights like capes and barbed wooden spurs.

In a few weeks, PROU will inform every one of the conclusions drawn from these meetings with the different political parties. In the meantime, the PROU continues to work to keep bullfighting out Catalonia.