Plataforma Prou convoca: ASSEMBLEA URGENT

A general meeting will be held next Saturday the 21st of June in Barcelona in order to address the worrisome issue of the return of bullfighting to Catalonia, a decision made by parliament.

We therefore call all political and social abolitionists in the principality to participate in a popular assembly to be held at Ecocentre located in Barcelona (address C/Mallorca 330) on Saturday the 21st of June at 15.55. (We request everyone be punctual since there is another event scheduled at 18.00) with the objective of openly deciding (and with full participation) what steps should be taken in order to prevent parliamentary members from bringing shame on the Catalan people, people who were proud to have finally abolished bullfighting in Barcelona. This was undoubtedly a historical event and was heard about around the world.

For animals, society at large and Catalan dignity, the abolitionists group invites you to participate!