PROU anti-bullfighting proponents: We will explain what the Minister of Culture, Mr. Mascarell doesn’t seem to understand.

Here we will explain what Counselor of Culture, Mr. Mascarell has difficulty understanding:

In accordance with what was published in the newspaper El Periódico on Thursday August 1st, 2013 in the news line: “Mr. Mascarell has difficulty understanding why bullfighting is banned in filming” were the exact words used by the Minister of Culture for the Catalan Government, Mr. Ferrán Mascarell. The ban prevented real bulls from being used in filming in the former Barcelona bullring, Monumental, by the movie production company shooting a full-length feature film in the city called Gunman.

PROU is astounded at the most recent statements made by different members of parliament (from Minister Pelegrí to Minister Santi Vila and now Minister Mascarell). In our efforts to not only defend the abolition of bullfighting in Catalonia (achieved through popular legislative vote), but also defend the integrity of the institution of democracy, an institution present in the Parliament of Catalonia and all the decisions made there democratically, we would like to explain to Minister Mascarell what he seems to have difficulties understanding:

The document approved on the 28th of July in 2010 by popular vote carried out in an exemplary manner thanks to the democratic processes in Catalonia is nothing less than a reflection of a culture that represents Catalans: a culture of respecting animals. In addition, this decision put Catalonia on the front page of numerous international newspapers and emphasized (unlike the Spanish press) the progressive advance in a society which repels the mistreatment of animals, abuse of the worst type for public viewing.

In 2004 Barcelona approved a motion declaring itself an Anti-bullfighting City, which finally came into effect on July 28, 2010. This is a law that reflects its citizens’ sentiments.

It is apparent that Barcelona is an attractive city for many reasons and these are why different movie producers from different countries come here to shoot their films. These films then become a reflection of our city to the world. Our idiosyncrasies should be reflected in these films and evidently, the characteristics of our culture. Bullfighting is no longer part of the Catalan reality and this is the people’s will.

Barcelona can’t and shouldn’t become a film set empty of content: there is a reason why this city is chosen by so many film companies. The essence of this city should not be corrupted because someone wrote a script that clings to old stereotypes instead of reality. It would have been better that whoever wrote the script for the film in question, Gunman, (as many of our professional contacts have confirmed) to have researched the city and its culture a bit more.

For all these reasons, Minister Mascarell, PROU believes that the Local Barcelona Government made the right decision to prevent these scenes from being shot. In addition, by-laws also impede them from being filmed although regretfully, these scenes will be shot in other cities outside of Catalonia. The scene with the bullfight that was meant to take place in Barcelona was in fact shot during the Fair of San Isidro in Madrid. These scenes will be added to the film, scenes which in no way reflect the reality of Catalonia, something which we would like to emphasize were included in a script that does not reflect the reality of this city.