PROU recogerá firmas para #PANyTOROS

Since the PROU group shares the same concerns as the group, we hereby announce our total support of the People’s Legislative Initiative (2014) because we share their indignation over the government’s efforts to placate and economically help the bullfighting lobby. For this reason, we state:

For this reason, we declare:

  • We will not accept bullfighting being declared an activity “of cultural interest” and the implicit increase in public financing and subsidies to it. We hereby request an end to these types of subsidies and all other types of aid and other public services allocated to bullfighting.

  • We will not allow the Government exert their power on anything that has to do with animal welfare, culture or other types of shows within the Autonomous communities. We request that all power be restored to the communities, power that had been taken away as a result of this legislation being passed.

  • We will not accept the introduction of content in schools aimed at stifling and corrupting the empathy that children naturally feel towards animals. We request that bullfights not be aired on television during the time in which children normally watch television as well as banning bullfighting schools for minors under 18 and the admission of minors into these types of events or their participation in them.

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