Interior agrees with Prou

The Councillor of the Department of the Interior, Ramón Espadaler with responsibility for public entertainment, has issued a statement which confirms that the bullfighting activities that are taking place in Tarragona are illegal because they were included in the law banning bullfighting (and other spectacles related to bulls) in 2010. However, the Department of Agriculture, led by Councillor Josep Maria Pelegrí, with responsiblity for the protection of animals, did not confirm this statement when in fact he is responsible for the penalization of this activity for being in breach of the laws for the protection of animals and for being an activity that is excluded from the catalog of public entertainment. In addition, the investigation processed and resolved by the Department of Agriculture has ended with a resolution that is in dispute before the Court. For this reason, today we must continue to support the petition against the management of the Department of Agriculture on in order to prevent the return of bullfighting to Catalonia.