Let’s keep bullfights from returning to Catalonia. SIGN for the REMOVAL of Josep Maria Pelegri.

The Anti-bullfighting Platform PROU, the group which achieved the abolition of bullfights in 2010, returns to the scene at the threat of bullfights returning to Catalonia.

– The Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing, Food and Natural Environment of the Generalitat, directed by Josep Maria Pelegri, aims to once more allow bullfights in Catalonia by endorsing bullfighting shows organized by bullfighters and breeders with bulls brought in from Salamanca and other parts of Spain. Such activity was strictly prohibited by the Catalonian Parliament on July 28, 2010. Bullfights may return to Catalonia, making Catalonia lose face in international public opinion.

– Sign to demand the REMOVAL of the Secretary Josep Maria Pelegri.

– Animal rights and ecologist groups consider his term the worst in history. Find out more about his animal “protection” and environmental policies in the following link: http://www.prou.cat/documents/proteccio_animals_govern.pdf

> SIGN HERE for the REMOVAL of Josep Maria Pelegri: Let’s keep bullfights from returning to Catalonia./a>