Mexican legislators write to the Catalan Parliament, urging them to vote in favour of the ILP.

México, In a letter to members of the Catalan Parliament, 21 lawmakers from various Mexican political parties have called for the approval of the proposal made by the Platform Prou to abolish the bullfighting in this region.

Led by the organizations AMEDEA (Mexican Association for Animal Rights) and Anti-Bullfighting Mexico, 21 Mexican lawmakers have written a letter to the Members of the Catalonian Parliament. The letter asks them to vote in favor of the abolition of bullfighting as proposed by the Platform Prou.

Members from the various different political parties in Mexico have signed the letter, including the PRI (the Institutional Revolutionary Party), the PRD (The Democratic Revolutionary Party), the PVEM (The Green Party of Mexico), the New Alliance Party and some independent politicians.

It is important to note that Mexico is another country where bullfights are still allowed and where many organizations exist that oppose the spectacle due to the immense cruelty that is inflicted on the animals. For this reason it is encouraging to see Mexican lawmakers coming out in support of advances in the law and wanting to bring about legislative changes in the defence of animals.