Jordi Portabella presents his book “El Engaño de la Corrida” (The deception of the bullfight)

Portabella big_2The book, with a preface written by the President of the Cercle d’Economia de Catalunya, Salvador Alemany, was launched on the 9th of July at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona (MACBA).

Mr. Jordi Portabella, an alderman of the Barcelona City Council (ERC), presented his book “The deception of the bullfight” on Friday July 9 in the auditorium of the MACBA. In attendance were numerous personalities from the various walks of Catalan cultural and political life. Many gave speeches encouraging political leaders to support the abolition of bullfighting because the spectacle inflicts an enormous cruelty upon the animals involved.

Included in the gathering were Magda Oranich, Jordi Casamitjana ethologist and consultant, Arcadi Espada director of El Punt, professor and philosopher Norbert Bilbeny, president of Omnium Cultural Muriel Casas, Prou Platform spokesman Leonardo Anselmi and the writers Pius Alinek and Lluis Baulenas. These people along with others joined Portabella at the event. Messages sent by the presenter Julia Otero, writer Mathew Tree, philosopher Josep M ª Terricabras and journalist Jordi Tarda were also read out at the launch.

“The deception of the bullfight” is prefaced by Mr. Salvador Alemany who was also in attendance. Alemany is the chairman of the Cercle d’Economia de Catalunya and an active advocate for animal rights.

The book takes the format of a dialogue between the writer Portabella and Jordi Galves, where all of the claims made by the bullfighting community in support of the continuation of this cruel tradition are demystified one by one. Each of the arguments in favour of bullfighting is objectively taken apart and dismissed when presented with evidence taken from economic, social, cultural, historical and scientific perspectives. Portabella, who is a biologist by training, has always been involved in animal welfare. The aim of the publication of this book is to persuede the many people who have been, up until now, indifferent to the suffering of the animals in bullfights, to add their voices to the rest of those that are calling for the abolition of a spectacle that is cruel to animals and that denigrates us as a society.