Carles Puyol is in favor of the abolition of bullfighting

Barcelona FC defender and member of the Spanish national team has stated that if he could, he would ban bullfighting.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the footballer from La Pobla de Segur was asked if he would ban bullfights. The Catalan defender was emphatic in his reply, saying “yes, I would ban them.”

Therefore Carles Puyol has once more positioned himself, as he always does, in the defence of animals. Puyol is also a supporter of the campaigns of the Altarriba Foundation and UNICEF. He also works with the “Casa del Tibet” (Tibet House) in Barcelona in support of the freedom of the Tibetan people.

The footballer was interviewed by El Pais in South Africa, where he is currently playing in the World Cup.