parlament_catalunya_dice_siThe Catalan MPs voted yes! Our Popular Legislative Iniciative to abolish bull-fighting in Catalonia has finally got the go-ahead in Parliament; it’s the go-ahead to debate the issue and the proposal by the PP party, Ciutadans and the Catalan Socialist Party to throw the ILP out without a chance to discuss it was rejected. All thanks to our “fedetaris” (sworn signature collectors) our signees and the politicians who supported us.

The 18th of December 2009, was a great day for democracy: 131 MPs voted, 67 MPs voted to allow the ILP process to continue its course in the Parliamentary system, there were 5 abstentions and the remaining 59 MPs voted in favour of the “enmienda a la totalitat” with which three parties hoped to throw the ILP out. Even though we only won by 8 votes and that we still have a long and arduous way to go, we know that we are closer today than we have ever been before to seeing the end of bullfighting. We are preparing for the next stage in the proceedure.

The ILP commission wishes to thank you all for everything you do and have done; it is a wonderful thing to think that Parliament will be seriously discussing the abolition of a subsidized, legal and public event wherein animals are tortured and killed.