The debate whether to reject the entire ILP will take place during the last plenary session of the year of the Catalan Parliament

parlamento_catalunya_ilpThe board and the House business committee has fixed the agenda of the last plenary session of this year, which will be on the 16th, 17th and 18th of December and which will include the final debate on six projected laws, including the budget of the Generalitat for 2010, the budget of fiscal and financial measures and that of the Ombudsman office. The plenary session will debate and decide the continuation, or not, of two projects and three propositions of law, among which is the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) that purports to abolish bullfighting in Catalonia.

The plenary session will start at ten a.m. on Wednesday the 16th and will continue through Thursday and end on Friday in morning and afternoon meetings.
A signed institutional declaration will be read during the session; the declaration, signed by all the parliamentary groups, is in support of the Saharauí leader Aminetu Haidar, in which she petitions the Moroccan government to allow her unconditional entry to Western Sahara.

The bills to be debated and passed are: the budget of the Generalitat for 2010, the budget of fiscal and financial measures, the budget regulating the Center of Initiatives for Rehabilitation, the budget for the control of continental fishing, the budget of the Ombudsman office and that of the concession of an extraordinary credit and of a supplement of credit to the budgets of the Generalitat de Catalunya for 2009, which will be transacted in only one reading.

The legislative initiatives to be discussed during this plenary session are two bills, that of the Data Protection Authority of Catalonia and that of bases for the delegation in the government for the adequacy of rules with rank of law to the European directive related to the services in the home market. Three propositions of law will also be discussed: the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) which purports to modify the Animal Protection Law to forbid bullfighting, that purports to abolish bullfighting; this bill is promoted by the Platform “Prou” and is accompanied by the guarantee of more than 180.000 signatures. The second proposed bill, presented by the CiU party, is that which recognizes the Penedès area as a functional area of planning.
The third bill is that which purports to modify of article 2 of law 1/1995, of the 16th of March, and approve the general territorial Plan of Catalonia. So, we will know if the process of the ILP is to continue in less than a week.

You will be able to be follow the vote live from the web site of the Parliament of Catalonia on their web site: