The PP party and the mixed group have requested a postponement of the deadline for presenting amendments

The legal deadline for presenting “amendments to the entire text” (enmiendes a la totalitat in Catalan) has been postponed until the 11th of November.
The term “Amendments to the entire text” means disagreements with the whole text as presented by Prou. This postponement was requested by the PP party and the Ciutadans (the Mixed Group).
The original deadline was the 28th of October but these two parties have requested two postponements – the first until the 4th of November and the second until the 11th of November. We deduce that their motivation is to prolong the inevitable.

After the 9th of November, no more amendments can be presented so there will be no further postponements. After the 9th of November the date for the final voting will be chosen by the representatives of each of the parties, a process which involves taking into account the voting calendar.
How the different parties will eventually vote is unknown at the moment except in the case of ERC and ICV who have publically declared their support for our cause, the abolition of Bullfighting in Catalonia.

Thus the a positive result depends on how CiU and PSC decide to vote. Although this has not been made public, it seems very likely that these two parties will allow their MPs to vote as they please. In this way each member will be able to vote according to his or her principles and from their own ethical, standpoints rather than be obliged by the whip to toe the party line.