More than a thousand photos for the abolition. Please, send your photo

ciudadanosThe time is drawing near for the first vote in the Parliamentary process and the Prou Platform needs your help once again. It’s easy and quick.
You, as a citizen of Catalunya, are the essence of the abolition movement against bull-fighting. We need you to show our representatives in Parliament, that you are not an anonymous person, that you are the Catalan people. The 180,000 signatures serve to ratify our desire to abolish bull-fighting. Now, a gesture by you will also help to persuade our members of parliament when they decide how to vote.

So, since the first vote is to be soon, we’d like you to send us a photograph of yourself with your hand held up in the “Prou” gesture and we’ll forward it to the MPs; we’ll forward your photo together with thousands of others.

We are conscious that you represent what the majority of Catalans feel about bull-fighting and what better way to get our message over than with a photograph of ourselves? There is so much at stake that we must do all we can now to obtain a positive result.

Could you please send your photograph to the following e-mail address:

together with the following text:

“I authorize the use of this photograph for the Prou Campaign run by the Prou Platform”
Your name and surname:

Our idea is to send thousands of photos to the parliamentary members; your help is vital here. You can send photos of your friends or other members of your family, too.
In this way you will have your say.
Thank you very much for fighting for them, the bulls. You make it all possible; you are the abolition.