The signature collection stage was successfully completed. PROU has collected over 180,000 signatures – more than 3 times the number of required signatures!

porquePROU has collected 180,169 signatures in favor of banning bullfights in Catalonia during the 120 days that were legally allotted for signature collection. The deadline for signature collection took place on May 6th and the signatures have been delivered to the Institute of Catalonian Statistics (IDESECAT).

After a signature recount and their verification by the institute, the signatures and an official certificate will be delivered to the Catalonian Parliament.

Once the signatures have been delivered to the Catalonian Parliament, a lengthy bureaucratic process will take place and the proposed legislation will need to undergo various rounds of voting. The proposed law to ban bullfighting in Catalonia will then be in the hands of the Parliamentarians. In addition to the success of the signature collection, the number of municipalities that have declared themselves to be opposed to bullfights has grown to 65 during these months.
Only a few days ago, Vallgorgina became the most recent municipality to join the long list of municipalities that publicly deplore bullfighting. These abolitionist declarations represent the wishes of thousands of constituents who have tipped the balance in favor of banning bullfights.

The PROU commission takes this opportunity to thank all the signature collectors, the celebrities and local figures who have stepped forward to endorse the campaign, and the Catalonian citizens who made the effort to visit the PROU tables and sign the legislative petition. A Catalonian ban on bullfighting could soon be a reality. On behalf of the bulls, we thank you.