Thousands of Empty Seats in Barcelona’s Bullring while PROU’s Signature Collection Proceeds Successfully.

fracaso_2Barcelona’s bullring, La Monumental, opened its season with an extremely low attendance. Over 80% of its seats were glaringly empty*.
The failure to fill the bullring is indicative of Catalonia’s rejection of these violent spectacles and of a general disinterest for this moribund tradition. Despite the financial losses, the bullfighting industry insists in maintaining the bullring open as part of a strategic effort to promote bullfighting.

Unfortunately, tourists accounted for most of the few seats that were occupied in Barcelona’s bullring. Meanwhile, PROU’s Popular Legislative Initiative continues to gather signatures and has already managed to greatly surpass the number of signatures required to ensure that the proposed law to ban bullfighting can be submitted to the Parliament.

The deadline for the signature collection is approaching, and the signatures will need to be delivered to Catalonia’s Institute of Statistics (IDESCAT) on May 6th.
The institute will then verify each signature and pass results to the Catalonian Parliament. Once the signatures are delivered to the Parliament, a lengthy and arduous process will begin where this legislative proposal will need to pass through various hurdles.

Exceptionally, PROU will set-up a signature-collection table this Saturday, May 2nd, to collect the last signatures and any remaining forms from our fedatarios.

(*According to Spain’s paper, La Vanguardia, only 1/5th of the bullring’s seats were occupied)