The signature collection has begun with a record number of accredited citizens

recullenThe Popular Legislative Initiative (Iniciativa Legislativa Popular ILP), which pushes for a legislative ban on bullfighting, has begun collecting the requisite signatures that could enable a parliamentary vote on a proposition to modify Catalonia’s animal protection law.
The signature collection will not conclude until May. Until that time, signatures will be continuously collected and will be submitted periodically to the Parliament.

The ILP counts with a record number of people that have been accredited to collect signatures. A total of 867 citizens were sworn in and were legally registered to collect signatures, in early December 2008.
These signature collectors – the fedatarios – will vouch for the authenticity of the signatures and identification data. The Catalan Institute of Statistics will be in charge of validating the data and the signatures.

The ILP intends to abolish bullfights and spectacles with bulls that include the death of the animal. This law would apply to spectacles both in and out of the bullrings.