Prou’s announcement

logo_prou_2The anti-bullfighting group, PROU, is pleased to hear the news about the parliamentary group Convergencia I Unió’s decision to withdraw an amendment presented to the annex to the Budget Law (Ley de acompañamiento de los presupuestos). This law would have legalised all types of bullfighting in Catalonia going against the law that prohibited it, Law 28/2010 dated August 3rd which had been previously approved through Popular Legislative Initiative.

Going beyond the underlying debate on animal suffering and the inappropriate image Catalonia would have after backtracking with this measure, The anti-bullfighting group PROU played an important role in detecting the questionable and underhanded parliamentary method used to process this amendment, an amendment that was never debated on (very much like the law itself) representing the very antithesis of citizen participation unlike the aforementioned law that was put to popular vote.

This measure was widely criticised by other entities within the Governing Board of the Barcelona Bar Association. Approving an amendment in this manner would have incurred a violation of constitutional rights, ignoring politician and voter participation. This cryptic and hasty mechanism would have revoked a law that had been approved through democratic voter participation.

Likewise, PROU would like to express their support for Convergencia groups’ intentions to regulate this issue and not revoke the law that we, Catalan society, are proud of (the abolition of bullfighting). Along these lines, PROU would like to propose the government extend the deadline for the affected bull-breeding ranches from Alfara de Carles so they can request economic compensation in accordance with Law 28/2010, but under no circumstances repeal the current law or allow it to be infringed.

At the same time, PROU is saddened to see that the PSC party (The Socialist Party of Catalonia) stubbornly continues to try and approve the modifying amendment with the full knowledge that it would unapologetically undermine the rights of voters and politicians.

As a result of this experience, PROU strongly believes that legal reforms must be made in order to prevent that a law that had previously been approved through democratic participative processes be repealed through questionable and shady law processing like “annex to the budget law“ In this fashion, the democratic and participative “health” in Catalonia would improve as would respect for democratic participative processes.